kind words

Counselling has made such a difference. When I started my sessions, I was tearful, desperate, felt guilty, overwhelmed and questioning why everyone was attacking me. We looked at different ways of coping with issues that arise on a daily basis. 1) One in particular that I found very useful was to remove myself from the situation and look in as if an observer. Stop the feeling of being under attack and to attempt to see the situation from another’s perspective. To stop and have rational thinking! 2) Another was to make lists and to cross off as jobs were completed. This helps to prevent the feeling of feeling overwhelmed. 3) Making time for me. I enjoy drawing and was encouraged to pick up my pencil and was driven by wanting to give my counsellor a gift for all of her help. It’s good to do things for yourself and things you enjoy as it makes you feel good. This in turn then means that you’re ready to deal with everything else in your life. 4) Having someone just to talk things through. Sometimes it’s just talking to someone and hearing what you’re saying to them to stop and realise that you’re escalating a situation with overthinking. 5) We looked at boundaries and that it’s ok to make someone realise that they are overstepping the mark.
I feel that I use the first coping strategy a lot and this is helping me with everyday life. Some days are more difficult than others but I stop overthinking and step out of the situation.


From the outset contact was easy and I felt comfortable talking to Leigh.
When I started I was confused and unable to make decisions. Through these sessions I worked on my wellbeing and found strength to end my relationship and begin the process of separation. Leigh was a great support at this time.
The sessions have ended but I still refer back to the coping strategies I learnt from all the support I received.   Thank you.


I was very nervous and didnt know what to expect when I came for counselling.   I was made to feel at ease and comfortable which it easier for me to open up during the sessions.

I thoroughly recommend having the opportunity to open up and talk to someone who is not emotionally involved in the situation.

It has made a huge difference in my ability to cope and move forward with my life.  Thoroughly recommended.

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