The Menopause – our first retreat

By Leigh Doran | July 26, 2022

Being in Nature – please join me

By Leigh Doran | July 26, 2022

What is it?

By Leigh Doran | July 24, 2022

‘’I just want to be happy” is a challenging construct to work with.  A concept, vague, intangible with no grounding in a physical form and yet it’s a destination I hear mentioned regularly in my work.  Yet when I ask ‘’If you were happy, what would it look like, how would you feel?’’ there are…

The inspiration of Nature

By Leigh Doran | July 22, 2022

There is something mesmeric, mystical and deeply educational when we spend time in nature. There is strong evidence of the benefits of downing tools, putting on some walking shoes or trainers and immersing yourself in nature.  Its not a deep realisation that life goes on, all the problems, issues and situations we face are part…


By Leigh Doran | July 13, 2022

Its coming…… But have you, one minute you think you have and the next minute all sorts of intrusive thoughts are coming into your mind. When change comes our way we think we can handle it however its not quite so easy as that is it. There are so many areas of our lives that…

Opening up

By Leigh Doran | May 15, 2022

Did you know a pine cone is a seed holder?  I picked one up on my forest bathing foray into my local woods today..  They either hold on to or release seeds into the environment and if you put a pine cone into cold water they close up quickly. As a therapist I work with…

Letting go

By Leigh Doran | March 9, 2022

Release yourself. “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.” Letting go is SO SO hard to do. We all carry unspoken expectations of ourselves, set by our parents or caregivers and along the way ourselves as we navigate through life. Conforming and ‘being normal’ is one of…


By Leigh Doran | February 4, 2022

Attending the funeral today of a bright, kind, passionate individual just six months younger than me, my gaze was caught by the sun streaming through the church window, filling the church with light, despite up until that point it being a typical mizzly February day. At any funeral we are naturally drawn to our own…


By Leigh Doran | September 1, 2020

I came across this mosaic at the weekend and it got me thinking about watering. We need to water plants to keep them alive, without water they will die. How good are we at maintaining our hydration during the course of the day. Did you know that the effects of dehydration on the humain brain from…

Our attachments

By Leigh Doran | August 23, 2020

Many of us will ask ourselves, what are attachments? Attachments within counselling are used to describe the attachments we form from birth with our primary caregiver. These attachments form the basis of how we move through life until we realise as we grow through childhood into adulthood that our model of the world is often…

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