The Beetle

Wild Flowers

So out on my walk this morning enjoying the glorious sunshine I came across a bettle, a large black beetle on the path. I soon noticed that he or she was completely stuck, on their back legs flying everywhere, but going nowhere with simply no chance of righting himself – well not until I appeared.

Once I had turned him back on his front off he wandered, yet the encounter had made me stop and think. How often do we have days like that where we feel completely stuck, useless and powerless. How long will we allow ourselves to feel and be hopeless and in despair.

The bettle today was a lucky one as someone came along to put him back on the path.

So what’s your plan to get back on the path when you need a hand?

Reaching out for help is harder than we realise. There is an unexplained, often unspoken suggestion that our lives will drift along and we will manage to right ourselves in the process.

Its tough out there in the world which has changed so dramatically in recent months, perhaps you too would like to lay on your back and throw your legs in the air…but you dont.

Talking therapy can help you to make sense of the world, so dont flounder like the bettle this morning, reach out for support. It is there and you can get yourself back on track on the path or who knows, maybe a different path…..

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