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How was it for me?

Many of us will ask ourselves, what are attachments? Attachments within counselling are used to describe the attachments we form from birth with our primary caregiver. These attachments form the basis of how we move through life until we realise as we grow through childhood into adulthood that our model of the world is often different to our friends and partners. This is not a blame exercise by any means for except in the cases of neglect our caregivers were doing the best they could with the resources they had available at the time.

As we grow we have a leaning towards comparing and contrasting our lives with the lives of those around us and sometimes can come to a realisation that life for others wasnt quite the same for us.

In the counselling context exploring and understanding our childhoods can have profound revelations that bit by bit we start to put together to work with what was, how we would like as grown adults our reactions to be now we have more resources available.

Attachments are a fascinating subject to study and can be hugely beneficial to explore within the counselling setting.

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