Attending the funeral today of a bright, kind, passionate individual just six months younger than me, my gaze was caught by the sun streaming through the church window, filling the church with light, despite up until that point it being a typical mizzly February day. At any funeral we are naturally drawn to our own demise, when will it be, how will it be, I wonder if this many will turn up to my funeral and the list goes on. I began thinking about grief and loss coming in so many different forms. Our automatic thought is of death but everyday as we go about our busy, busy lives we take so much for granted and never stop to pause and reflect on all those losses that we have already experienced in our short time on this earth. Growing up pets, friendships, neighbours, school friends if we moved around a fair bit, relationships, jobs, houses we dreamt of, jobs we thought we might get and didnt, the list goes on. Today brought that home to me in that precious hour spent reflecting, remembering and celebrating an amazing lady who just went way too soon.

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