Letting go

Release yourself. “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.”

Letting go is SO SO hard to do. We all carry unspoken expectations of ourselves, set by our parents or caregivers and along the way ourselves as we navigate through life. Conforming and ‘being normal’ is one of the most common comments in the counselling room, to which I reply, normal, so what is normal? Normal is what is right for you and no-one else, we are all individuals however conforming can have a huge impacting on the limiting beliefs we carry.

Limiting beliefs, what are they? Limiting beliefs are powerful little blighters that creep on us and get in the way of many aspects of our life. How often do you hear “I cant do that”, “I havent got the confidence to try that” Last time I tried to do that…….I failed……so what we tell ourselves and the language we use in our heads to talk to ourselves in those incessant internal conversations is key. Being kind to yourself is so hard, we are often our fiercest critic and what we say to ourselves we wouldnt dream of saying to friends/family or work colleagues. So every time you find yourself going down that familiar well-worn path, stop and take breath and re-shape the words you use.

I was drawn to this visual image in so many ways, it speaks volumes about letting go, letting go of expectation of so many things in our lives that we should have done.

So why not embrace, all life has to offer and let go of pre-conceived ideas and just what magic may happen. Yes, its daunting, yes is scary and yes it is so very possible.


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