Opening up

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Did you know a pine cone is a seed holder?  I picked one up on my forest bathing foray into my local woods today..  They either hold on to or release seeds into the environment and if you put a pine cone into cold water they close up quickly.

As a therapist I work with clients who close up when events and experiences in life cause them to feel inadequate, stupid and ineffective both in their personal and professional life.  The more we close up after an experience doesn’t go as we would like or imagine it would, the less likely we are to release ourselves into the world to be met with the same feelings yet again  Why would you?

In order to grow and to not hold onto stuff we have to be vulnerable and that’s so so difficult.  We don’t always get things right but that is how we learn, to quote Brene Brown; “Vulnerability is not weakness, its our most accurate measure of courage”.

The easiest option is to hide away and be safe, not to make mistakes but how will we grow and release ourselves into the world?  Be brave, keep showing up, be courageous, be you and that’s ok.

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